Represented on this site is a collection of services and products by a number of business professionals in northwest Montana.  Many, if not all of these folks are native to Montana, live in Montana, or feel compelled  to return to life in Montana after business experiences in other parts of the world. 

In addition to the strong work ethic among Northwest Montanans, there is a sense of self- reliance and independence that attracts so many people to make this state their home.  Although there is a growth of larger businesses in the northwest, most of the businesses in the area are small and entrepreneurial by nature.  As you visit this website, you can see the collection of services that range from business consulting to organizational development, to publishing services, to executive business/retreat planning. 

Wild Sky Industries has a mission to support the economic growth in the northwest by offering services to businesses in the area and by offering event management to companies who want to explore Montana opportunities.  To accomplish these goals, the professional services, publishing services, and event services are offered to everyone!

--For Professionals in the area, you’re invited to see services that can support  your  company growth or change as you  stay competitive or remain a leader in the marketplace.  Just click on the tab that says Professional Services, Publishing Service, or Executive Business Retreats to see what is currently offered by the professionals at Wild Sky Industries.

--Small Business owners also benefit from the Professional Services at Wild Sky Industries.  Individual business consulting services or professional mentoring support specific to your needs are available.   The goal is to help you solve your business challenge and continue to build your business.