Do you have a burning desire to author a book, but don’t know how to get published? Would you like to become a publisher of your own work or create your own publishing company?
Wild Sky Industries is pleased to offer a full range of publishing services that help authors, writers, and designers take the leap and get involved in the publishing business.

Services include
  • Connecting you and your book project with the right publisher
  • Enabling author and technology publisher arrangements
  • Working with authors to negotiate publishing contracts
  • Guiding designers as they develop their ideas and want them professionally published
  • Developing marketing programs for the self-publisher
  • Helping you set up your own publishing company and distribution systems

Some of the publishing services can provide simple solutions such as a recommended list of publishing contacts or they can include providing a full range of activities that help you reach your business goals. Some people want the connection to printers or to publishers; some will want to set up their own company, once they realize how easy it is to do!

To learn more about the services and to help us get started on this wonderful and exciting adventure, please fill out our contact form that introduces yourself. Once we have this in hand, you will receive a phone call or an email that starts the publishing dialog. It often takes discussion to really determine the best course of action, so please be comfortable knowing that this needs to happen as the best publishing path unfolds for you.